teaching timeThis resource is a collection of 72 time cards depicting specific times in three ways:
      - an image of a clock-face,
      - the time in words, and
      - a digital representation of the same time. Read more »

Telling the time - teaching strategiesTelling the time on an analogue clock is an awkward skill; there are too many muddled concepts and no clear path. Children are inundated with vocabulary (half-past, quarter to, o'clock, 11:45...), with mixed concepts (counting in 12, counting in fives, fractions...) and too-few opportunities to practice the skill in real life! In our experience, most teachers and nearly all children find the whole process a pain. Read more »

Here's a set of five clock jigsaws designed to help children become more familiar with the numbers on a clockface. The clocks are all different and have been chosen to represent the diverse range of clock-faces children may see or use in the 'real world' - but with a focus on 'readability' too.

Each clock is divided into 12 segments so the children (individually, or in pairs) can reassemble them using the clock numbers to assist them. Read more »