Starter, Problem Solving

two-step written maths problemsThis is a perfect introductory activity, particularly effective when children can work together on mini whiteboards.

As before, print out the file and cut each page into separate strips - each containing one written problem. Give each child a problem slip, and ask the pair to take it in turns to read the maths problem and discuss how it could be attacked. Read more »

multi step problems for school mathsA number of members have asked for another series of the two-stage problems that featured in our original Problem Talk resource.

Here is the result: a set of 20 multi-step written problems, these are specifically designed to offer appropriate challenge for Y2 and Y3 children.


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Maths Word ProblemsHere's a maths activity focused on helping children to work out what to do when faced with a two-stage problem.

Working with thinking partners, each child has a problem slip and they take it in turns to read it out and discuss how it could be attacked; discussing what maths functions they need to apply in order to solve the problem. Importantly, they must also decide on the order of those functions and be prepared to explain everything to the rest of the class. Read more »