- Bad and Ugly

using calculators in schoolThis one is as old as the hills but also brand new - just spotted it trolled out when the Guardian picked up on an OFSTED report on mathematics.

Here's the bit that got me all fired up...

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equals posterThis one was spotted in a school's 'maths specialist room'.

It seems from this information poster that '=' can mean "same as", "equals" or "Total"... two out of three aint bad. The "Total" part is clearly nonsense of course because we already have a perfectly good sign for that (+). Read more »

rectangle mathematical misinformationI thought I should share some of the things that surprise or enrage me. Clearly, I'm thinking here of mathematical strategies or resources that reinforce errors, not political, ethical or world issues.

Take, for example, the mathematical misconception that a square is somehow not a rectangle. In many quarters this is a very strongly held idea. An idea, that (by any mathematical definition) is wrong. However, it's easy to see how this error is reinforced... Read more »