Number Bonds, Counting

long flip flapsA further adaptation, or a simplification if you will, of the original Flip Flop idea. This time there are ten faces in a straight line, this enables the children to focus on linear counting - we have also added different bands of colour which may benefit those children thinking about odd and even numbers.

Print the file onto thin card, cut up and use sticky-back plastic to reassemble. Read more »

This maths resource is an adaptation of our Flip Flop number bonds and can be used in exactly the same way (see the original description for details). However, the images on this resource have been chosen to permit it to be used to demonstrate fractions of a set. Read more »

Counting challengesFollowing a couple of requests I have repackaged the original maths starter activity (the original Flip Flop design) in two ways:

- a larger, A3 format, so you can use the counting activities with larger groups of children.

- a set of mini Flip Flops, each counting grid is 8.5cm square. Read more »

Numeracy starter - counting activityA Flip-Flop is an easy-to-make, versatile, visual resource for use in mental/oral work.

Download it, cut it up and assemble it using clear sticky-back plastic to give you a versatile counting resource. Perfect for practising counting skills, or developing confidence with number bonds to 10. Read more »