Even and Odd

maths number line - car themeQ. How many cars does it take to make a Number Line?

A. Half as many as you think it would...

That's because we've just built a number-line using 'cars' as the theme - and using the shape of the cars themselves to accentuate the odd and even numbers. Read more »

odd and even gameThis is a mathematical racing game. It is designed to give  children plenty of (social) opportunites to reinforce their ability to recognise odd and even numbers.

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Couting Posters for young childrenThis a set of Counting Posters for the numbers 1 to 10 for classroom display. Unlike most similar counting resources however, these are designed to clearly demonstrate the changing magnitude of the numbers. Read more »

1-100 Digits showing even and odd numbersDigit Cards are perfect for any number of mathematical games and activities - they also provide ideal assessment opportunities. This set is very plain and simple, the font is appropriate for younger children, and the cards identify even and odd numbers by alternating colours black/red. Read more »