Pointless maths quiz gamePointless, the BBC TV quiz show, has proved to be very popular with a whole host of people.

A few weeks ago we spotted Mr Collins blog post about how he used the Pointless theme in his maths teaching. We liked the idea and could see so much potential we decided to create our own software version. Read more »

mental and oral mathsWith this week’s mental and oral starter idea we are thinking about counting on (and counting back) and place value.

Like most of our other suggestions this can very easily be adapted to suit the needs of your children, which means it could be used with Early Years right up to Key Stage 3. We have also found that it adds a renewed level of interest and enthusiasm to ‘counting on’. Read more »

mental and oral mathsThis is Mental and Oral starter gives children plenty of opportunities to work with a specific 'times table'.

However the focus is on using a range of strategies to solve mathematical problems. It's also quite fun!

You start off by showing the children times table. However, most of the numbers are replaced by letters.

Here's an example using the 9 Times Table: Read more »

Calculation GameThis little number hunt activity could be used as a paired-starter, or as a game.

The focus is on finding trios of numbers which can be used to create addition and/or subtraction sentences.

For example, 4, 6, 10 are triples since they can be used as the basis for the following simple calculations:
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mental and oral mathsThis is a great little Mental and Oral starter in which the children have to identify the different digits within a number.

The focus is on using number properties and problem solving strategies. However, this starter also reinforces place value. Read more »

mental and oral mathsThis week's Mental and Oral activity is a little different - not one idea, but five.

We thought it would be a good time to look back at some of the maths games and resources we have already published here... and find a handful that could easily be turned into fresh Mental and Oral starters for almost any class. So, we have selected the following five:

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mental and oral mathsHere's a little gem that turns those very versatile empty number lines on their heads - figuratively speaking!

The main virtue of an empty number line is that 'emptyness' - they can be adapted to any purpose. Here, we keep them empty and challenge children to use their 'problem solving skills' and to use and apply their knowledge of number calculations to determine which numbers are missing. Read more »