mathematical magic tricks for teachersIn this simple mathematical trick you are able to tell the children the value of two secretly rolled dice. This works well with a group of children, but could also work well with the whole class.

Here's how it goes: Read more »

teaching division through mathematical gamesThis is a fun, two-player game designed to enable children to practice using different division strategies.

They should be encouraged to use their known multiplication facts to help them and/or pencil-and-paper 'jottings'. The game focuses on the concept of remainders, so children should have experienced dividing quantities of items and considered "what's left over..." Read more »

school mathematics and magicI used to find that mathematical magic tricks inspired my children... they wanted to know "How is it done?"; they wanted to show their family and they wanted to share in the glory of knowing a 'secret'. So there's motivation in the magic.

Of course, simply telling how a simple number trick works would be okay for some children, but for most it's the problem solving opportunities that are important. Read more »

maths word problems - step by stepThe table-top mat for our problem solving strategies has proven very useful, so much so that we have developed a slightly different version for word problems. The RUCSAC (Read, Understand, Choose, Solve, Answer, Check) acronym is well used in many schools, but some elements of it are still awkward for children. In particular, the 'understand' step is often more complex than the single word can convey. Read more »

I'm not sure whether the Roman's played Bingo - but this teaching resource is aimed at giving children plenty of opportunities to read and use Roman Numerals as part of a game. The resource consists of 20 different Bingo boards featuring 11 numbers in Roman numerals and 36 different 'calling' cards.

Print out the game boards and separate into 20 individual A5 boards. Print the 36 'calling' cards, and separate into individual cards. Read more »

teaching timeThis resource is a collection of 72 time cards depicting specific times in three ways:
      - an image of a clock-face,
      - the time in words, and
      - a digital representation of the same time. Read more »

Easter Sudoku PuzzlesThis is a set of three 6 by 6 Sudoku grids featuring Easter Eggs instead of numbers.

The grids follow on from our 4 by 4 Sudoku puzzles but offer a little more challenge. Each puzzles is accompanied by a set of 'Egg tiles' so children can re-arrange the tiles while they solve the puzzle.

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