This has rapidly become one of my favourite Times Tables activities.

The teaching resource consists of a set of 8x8 grids of numbers. The numbers appear to be randomly spread - but there is a continuous path of certain numbers that runs from the Top to the Bottom of the grid. Those 'certain numbers' are all releated to a specifc times table. Read more »

mathematical magic - instant addition trickJust for our mathsticks+ members, this is a truly baffling piece of mathematical magic. We've explored Magical Maths before, but the trickery here makes it possible for you to demonstrate a wonderful mathematical gift.

Imagine hearing this:

         3769 + 7972 + 4386 + 8257    

                   ...and instantly knowing the answer.

  Read more »

250 Roman NumeralsFor our mathsticks+ members...

Roman madness reigned and we created a whole batch of Roman Numeral images to complement the Roman Number Line

We could have gone from 1 to 100, but then decided to go a little further. This is a full set of jpg images for our Mathsticks+ members. Read more »

Roman Number LineThis is a perfect solution for those looking to add some Roman character to their room.

A straightforward set of Roman Numerals that can be used as a number line.

The 13 page pdf can be cut into 25 A5 Roman Numeral 'posters' to display in your room, either as a complete line, or spread randomly. Read more »

football themed maths numbersOk, I couldn't resist.

Here's a simple set of 100 number cards featuring a fun football theme. The cards are clear and the 0 to 99 numerals easy to see. The font is appropriate for young children, but also 'cool' enough to be accepted by older children too. The 'cards'  are versatile enough to be used in thousands of different activities and games. Read more »

Just a quick update for our mathsticks+ members.

The Y2 version of the 'Marvellous Medicine' maths activity book is now available here.

At times it can be difficult to give children the chance to work at their own pace on mathematical activities. If the activity isn't pitched at the right level, or if it isn't engaging, the pace can fall and learning will be affected.

This is a common problem, which the majority of our mathsticks resources aims to solve. However, when we road tested this latest maths resource we were in for a shock. Read more »