Couting Posters for young childrenThis a set of Counting Posters for the numbers 1 to 10 for classroom display. Unlike most similar counting resources however, these are designed to clearly demonstrate the changing magnitude of the numbers. Read more »

Maths Addition GameA simple maths game to encourage children to practice (and to share) quick addition strategies. This is suitable for 3 or more players

You need four sets of 1-10 cards. (See our Digit Cards) Read more »

Domino number game - countingThis maths game gives young children the opportunity to practice and refine their addition skills, using totals up to 12. 

The game will suit two to four children and works particularly well with mixed ability groupings. The children playing the game have a standard set of dominoes. Read more »

Counting challengesFollowing a couple of requests I have repackaged the original maths starter activity (the original Flip Flop design) in two ways:

- a larger, A3 format, so you can use the counting activities with larger groups of children.

- a set of mini Flip Flops, each counting grid is 8.5cm square. Read more »

maths calculation activity - share circleThis is a twist on the traditional ‘Follow Me’ style cards… you know the ones: each child has a card with a number and a maths question; one child asks the question and everyone looks at their cards to see who has the appropriate answer, then the chain continues around the classroom. Read more »

Mathematical resources: 0-9 number cards using dotsChildren who are just getting to grips with counting can still play counting games using 'dotty' numbers instead of digits.

This mathematical resource is a set of 0-9 counting cards featuring faces to represent the number.This is similar to Simple Arrays, but that resource was related to multiplication rather than counting. Read more »

Digit Cards and Number Recognition acitivityA quick number recognition activity suitable for Early Years.

You need a set of mathsticks 0-9 cards. Cut out and laminate the cards as normal, but now slice each card in half with a single straight cut. Read more »