Mental Mondays #20

mental and oral maths

This week I am sharing an idea by Kelly Malloy.

I have followed Kelly's tweets for a while now and recently found her "Two heads are better than one" Place Value sheet. She has given me permission to share this here.

I liked the idea so much I knew I would have to share it here. The Place Value idea is great, but the Shared Thinking ethos perfectly matches my kind of approach. The concept will make a great series of Mental and Oral starters. Kelly present's the idea in the form of a two page worksheet, but this can easily be adapted to use with groups or as part of an IWB display.

Here's a view of the docstoc version of the resource:


Partner Problem Solving Second Grade

I hope you can see the great potential here.

Kelly offers further inspirational ideas via her homeschoolparent.blogspot


As always, I really look forward to hearing what you think of this in the comments, and appreciate your Likes, tweets and Pluses!




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 This is just the kind of

 This is just the kind of thing I love to use as starters or while I am doing the register to get the brains awake in the morning.  Thank you.
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I have just come across

I have just come across and it looks great. I really like the idea of the Mental Mondays. Are they archived so now that I am a member I can access the previous ones? Also I am an Australian teacher so can someone explain the key Stages to me so I know what might be best appropriate for my students? Thanks. I shall be letting my colleagues know about this site.
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I'm glad the Mental

I'm glad the Mental Mondayshave proved to be useful. They are all archived and should show up if you select the 'Mental & Oral' tag from the list on the left-hand side of the home page. Here's a direct link:

The UK Key Stages work like this:

Early Years Foundation Stage  = 5yrs and under

Key Stage 1  =  5-7yrs

Key Stage 2  =  7-11yrs

Key Stage 3  =  11-14yrs

I hope this helps, and thanks for the positive feedback.

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This seems very user friendly

This seems very user friendly and I  am looking forward to doing this with my Year 1 class
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