Maths Champion's Medals

Maths Champion RewardsWe thought it would be a timely addition to our mathsticks resources to offer a trio of carrots...  So if you have a child (or group of children) who deserve a little extra praise for their mathematical work you could give them something a little bit more meaningful than a sticker.

Now, we could have done something quite simple with a bit of clip art, but we do pride ourselves on creating quality materials. So here's our trio of medals - Gold, Silver and Bronze for rewarding your maths champions.

These could be printed and laminated for use on a display, or if you shrink the images they can be turned into 'give-aways'. Great for any 'Olympic style' maths events you may be running. Or just simply for rewarding moments of brilliance.

We hope you, and the children, enjoy using them.

Here's a clip of the Gold Award medal.

gold maths champion award medal 

The download is a zipped file (so when downloaded you will need to extract it before you can use the images). The file contains three images:

Gold, Silver, Bronze medals - png format (transparent background) - 720px by 720px

If you find these maths champion medals useful please consider tweeting, G+ or Liking them ~ helping to spread the word about maths resources will encourage me to keep adding more. I would also love to hear your thoughts, so please post a comment.


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cathtebbs's picture

 Really like these, plan to

 Really like these, plan to use them to motivate some of my Year 1s.
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 Beautifully done. My

 Beautifully done. My students will look forward to earning these!
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exoi's picture

Quality maths resource with

Quality maths resource with smart detailing. Thank you.
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