Easier Roman Numeral Bingo

teaching roman numerals - bingo gameSome people have asked for a simpler version of our Roman Number Bingo game. So, here are a further 20 bingo boards - this time featuring 10 different Roman Numerals chosen from a 'pool' of only 18 numbers. This simplifies the game somewhat since children need to recognize (read) fewer numerals to play the game.

The attached , 11 page pdf includes 20 different A5 bingo boards and 18 calling cards. See the original resource page for full details. Note: the 'calling cards' are larger in this version so the matching game would need to be adapted to use counters instead of the digit cards themselves.

learning roman numerals - maths teaching resource


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This will be great for my

This will be great for my kids as we have just started a topic on the romans and they are really enjoying learning the roman numerals, thanks!
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 This looks great fun and as

 This looks great fun and as my groups seem to really enjoy bingo, this will go down well. We will have to practise roman numerals first a bit, but this will be a great plenary!
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My children really enjoyed

My children really enjoyed playing roman bingo - with a 'Roman Sticker' prize! I used mixed ability pairs to convert the numerals first so my lower ability children didn't get confused with what they had and if they needed to cross it off their board.
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