Rocket Digit Cards

Rocket digit cards for schoolAfter we had put together the Rocket Bond game we decided to reuse the main graphic to make these simple digit cards.

There are 26 A6 cards here showing the numbers 0 to 25. Four cards to an A4 page.

Print and cut out, laminate and use in whatever sorting, ordering, counting, activities you desire.

The numbers are in an easily readable font, and we've used colour to help differentiate between odd and even numbers.

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Thank you! I wanted to

Thank you! I wanted to download these new cards specifically to consolidate addition in a higher number range with my SEN child. What a lovely surprise to find the odd and even numbers in different colours. So much easier to show how two odd or two even numbers added together always have an even number answer, and odd and even added will have an odd number answer.
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Can't wait to try these!

Can't wait to try these!
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