Teaching early money skillsHere's a simple money game that will help young children to develop their early coin recognition and money calcualtion skills.

The basic idea is that the chidlren play in pairs, taking it in turns to roll a dice and to collect a number of coins that matches the dice roll. The children are collecting coins to 'feed the Money Monster' and they have to be careful when selecting the coins so that they make the correct total. Read more »

mental maths starter activitiesThe Mathsticks Maths Starters App is now available...

This online app* has been designed to work smoothly and quickly on all smarphones and tablets. So now you have all the Primary Maths Starter ideas you could wish for - right in the palm of your hand.
Read more »

teaching-place value

This is a very simple collection of 'cards' you can use to support place value.

Throughout the Summer we asked for suggestions of maths teaching resources you would like to see added to mathsicks.com. This was one of them - a way to link Tens and Units with other, different representations of numbers.



The 9 page pdf download features 72 cards showing four different ways to represent numbers: Read more »

fractions-decimals-calculator-maths-teachingThis is a wonderful calculator activity that really gets the children thinking and learning.

It was created by one of our mathsticks+ members, Becky B., who adapted it from our earlier Calculator Activity resources. Read more »



Following a suggestion from one of our members, we have taken our Critter Multiples maths game and extended it.

This new 12 page pdf file is only available from the mathsticks+ dashboard. It includes 5 different game boards and a set of number choice circles. These new games focus on specific times tables from 3x to 12x. Read more »

Teaching multiplication board gameCritter Multiples is a straightforward multiplication game for two players.

The game is ideal for teachers who are focusing work on factors and products. It offers plenty of opportunities for children to practice finding the product of two numbers in a fun, engaging way.  In this version the numbers are chosen by rolling dice so the factors are limited to 1 - 6. Read more »

maths-addition-subtraction-magic squaresThis is an adaptation of our Multiplying Magic Squares maths activity. Indeed, the workings are identical - only the functions have changed. 

Here we have eight A5 activity sheets - each utilising 3x3 magic squares. Read more »

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