Here's a set of five clock jigsaws designed to help children become more familiar with the numbers on a clockface. The clocks are all different and have been chosen to represent the diverse range of clock-faces children may see or use in the 'real world' - but with a focus on 'readability' too.

Each clock is divided into 12 segments so the children (individually, or in pairs) can reassemble them using the clock numbers to assist them. Read more »

problem solving labels and postersWe've been using these mathematical problem solving strategies for a while now, but it's only just recently that we decided to try them as a set of display posters.

We tried a number of varieties, and they all seemed to work well. Here's the first, focussing on the four phases of problem solving: Read more »

Number ordering and recognitionThis is an extension of our earlier 'Number Track' activity designed to help children practice recognising and ordering higher numbers.

Again, the children need a copy of the attached* Number Track board and the 20 to 49 digit cards (also on the downloadable file). Read more »

Pemanism measuring gameThis is a simple activity for children to practice comparing units of measurement. It is based on the game of pairs, or 'Concentration'.

The resource consists of 18 pairs of cards featuring metric measurements for capacity, weight and linear measurement.

To make this maths resource: downloads the Attachment and print out the four page pdf, cut into separate cards and laminate if you wish. Read more »

rectangle mathematical misinformationI thought I should share some of the things that surprise or enrage me. Clearly, I'm thinking here of mathematical strategies or resources that reinforce errors, not political, ethical or world issues.

Take, for example, the mathematical misconception that a square is somehow not a rectangle. In many quarters this is a very strongly held idea. An idea, that (by any mathematical definition) is wrong. However, it's easy to see how this error is reinforced... Read more »

Total Control Bingo - maths bingo gameThis maths game is designed to assist children in developing confidence with number calculations. It consists of a set of 15 bingo cards for the children, and question sheets for the adult. The children work in pairs to mark off, or cover up, numbers on their cards which answer specific maths problems called out.  Read more »

beta testers wantedWe are about to launch some brand new software here on the mathsticks site and are currently looking for 'Beta testers'. What this means is someone who would like to trial the software on their own pc (Windows only I'm afraid) and give us some feedback on how the software operates such as: how clear are the instructions? is the design effective? does it do anything unexpected? We would also welcome suggestions for improvements/developments... Read more »

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