Flash-card number bondsThis is a simple flip over maths resource. A double-sided card showing a mathsticks character and a number. The opposite side of the card shows the complimentary number to make 10.

These can be used as a demonstration and/or questioning resource; alternatively, the children can use them to challenge each other. Read more »

times table target boards

These represent a simple but fun way for children to record their developing skills with the times tables. Read more »

What's your mathstick rank

We've been testing a new feature that enables all our users to rate each other's comments.

Basically, it is an addition to the mathstick points system - now you can gain points for your comments. Anyone who thinks your comment has been helpful can give you a 'thumbs up' - and you receive 5 points. Read more »

awesomeClearly this is not maths - but I couldn't resist sharing it.

True story... I first learned about this when I stumbled upon a TED Talk, "The Three A's of Awesome" (see the clip, below). The talk by Neil Pasricha was so utterly captivating I forgot what I was originally searching for! It's a wonderful 18 minute experience. The talk led me to the book and then to the blog... and then there was no stopping! Read more »

maths co-ordinates gameThere are numerous effective ways of practising using grid references and co-ordinates. This one is based on the game of battleships. However, unlike battleships, this game involves an element of luck (through the use of two specific dice). This additional element means that all children have a chance of winning. Read more »

times tables with the counting stick 

This is a wonderful example of teaching techniques using a counting stick. This video, taken from a lecture at Bath Spa University, shows Jill Mansergh helping a group of trainee teachers learn the 17 times table. The 17 times table is demonstrated to ensure that the trainees are outside their 'comfort zone' and go through the learning process, in a similar fashion to most children.

  Read more »

Calculation strings, a BODMAS gameWe feel quietly confident that you are going to love this one!

This activity started off as a bingo-type mathematics game, but when we started playing around with it we saw a whole new world of possibilities. The focus is on giving children plenty of varied opportunities to develop their understanding of the order of operations in calculations. Read more »

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