equals posterThis one was spotted in a school's 'maths specialist room'.

It seems from this information poster that '=' can mean "same as", "equals" or "Total"... two out of three aint bad. The "Total" part is clearly nonsense of course because we already have a perfectly good sign for that (+). Read more »

teaching number bonds to 10This maths resource is directly related to the Make 20 number grids.

The pdf download here features a series of 8 by 8 girds of numbers. The numbers have been chosen to offer the children plenty of opportunities to practice number bonds of 10. If the sheets are laminated, the children can work together to find pairs of numbers which total 10. Each board contains 14 or more such pairs. No numbers are used twice, and the pairs only run horizontally and vertically. Read more »

Easter Sudoku PuzzlesThis is a set of three 6 by 6 Sudoku grids featuring Easter Eggs instead of numbers.

The grids follow on from our 4 by 4 Sudoku puzzles but offer a little more challenge. Each puzzles is accompanied by a set of 'Egg tiles' so children can re-arrange the tiles while they solve the puzzle.

  Read more »

number bonds to 20This is a 'Word Search' inspired activity.

Each card features a 10 by 10 grid of numbers. The children have the challenge of finding a line of four numbers that total 20. Each board features 12 or 14 such strings of numbers.

If the cards are laminated the children can be encouraged to work together with white-board pens to find as many as they can. Read more »

Easter egg sudoku puzzlesThe Sudoku activities in our Christmas Resource book were so well received we decided to offer these Easter Egg themed sudoku puzzles.

These are beginner stage, 4 by 4 grids. They follow the usual Sudoku rules but use Egg pictures instead of numbers. Each puzzle card is accompanied by the appropriate number of coloured egg-tiles so children can complete the problem by re-arranging the tiles. This makes a great interactive display. Read more »

egg tangram puzzlesThis is an egg tangram puzzle, often called the Magic Egg. The nine pieces can be reassembled to create numerous shapes - most popular ones are birds! The resource can be printed out and children challenged to create the images. The process of piecing together the individual shapes supports the children's logical thinking, reasoning, and visual problem-solving skills. Read more »

Maths Word ProblemsHere's a maths activity focused on helping children to work out what to do when faced with a two-stage problem.

Working with thinking partners, each child has a problem slip and they take it in turns to read it out and discuss how it could be attacked; discussing what maths functions they need to apply in order to solve the problem. Importantly, they must also decide on the order of those functions and be prepared to explain everything to the rest of the class. Read more »

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