Cloak for the Dreamer - shape and geometryA Cloak for the Dreamer by Aileen Friedman (Author) and Kim Howard (Illustrator)

This is a wonderful family story of a tailor and his sons as they design and create three cloaks. The mathematical focus is on how geometric shapes fit together to create beautiful designs, however, the book also offers a wonderful message about following your own dreams. Read more »

spider number line - not just for halloweenSpiders aren't just for Hallowe'en.

This clean, simple number resources is designed to enable young children to develop their understanding of counting and number recognition.

The lines of spider images show quantities from zero to ten, matched to numerical labels. Read more »

teaching roman numerals - bingo gameSome people have asked for a simpler version of our Roman Number Bingo game. So, here are a further 20 bingo boards - this time featuring 10 different Roman Numerals chosen from a 'pool' of only 18 numbers. This simplifies the game somewhat since children need to recognize (read) fewer numerals to play the game. Read more »

Childrens 4x4 sudoku puzzlesWe've been working with Sudoku puzzles for a few years now. It is easy to see how useful they are in helping children develop or refine their logical, problem solving skills. The one difficulty is, however, that some Sudoku puzzles look really ugly and overly complicated.

Our designs use a different approach. We think this finally brings Sudoku firmly into the classroom, with a meaningful, colourful and clear approach. Read more »

Touchdown number gameThis is a simple, yet fun, grid game that gives children plenty of practice in adding positive and negative integers. The game is designed to be played outside, or in a large area - however, a desktop version could easily be adapted.

The download consists of the following 19 (A4 sized) cards: Read more »


probability - digit card gameThis is a simple digit card game to help children practice mentally addition and subtraction strategies.

The fun maths game uses only 10 digit cards (numbered from 1 to 10 and works with a group of 4 - 5 children.

One child (let's call him Daniel) mixes all of the cards and hands each of the other children in the group a card, face-down. Read more »

game for learning times tablesThis game is designed to offer children plenty of opportunities to practice those troublesome times tables; the 6x, 7x, 8x and 9x. The game is for two players, you need the Hard Times board, the Hard Times number cards, and a set of counters – 8 of one colour and 8 of another.

The Hard Times board is a grid of 16 squares with 16 product cards. Read more »

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