This is a Christmas themed maths resource based on rounding to the nearest 10 or 100. Read more »

Christmas Maths puzzles, games and activitiesIt's here. Our Christmas Special eBook for 2013 has arrived!

As no doubt you know by now, the package includes all the usual wonderment + a little mathsticks thinking. We have a fun mix of games, problems and puzzles.


This resource consists of 100 cards grouped into pairs of numbers which sum to 100.

Print and cut out some or all of the cards - you may, for example, only choose to use specific pairs of numbers:

10-90, 20-80, 30-70... or
9-91, 19-81, 29-71... or
1-99, 11-89, 21-79... for example
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Movember 13

A great Thank You to our loyal members and fans who helped us to raise:


During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of millions of moustaches around the world. With their “Mo’s” men raise vital funds and awareness for prostate and testicular cancer and mental health. Read more »

This is a gem of an idea we spotted a maths co-ordinator using with their Y3 class. It helps children to focus on developing their knowledge and understanding of multiplication tables. Like most of the best teaching ideas it's not reliant on rote-learning - instead it enhances children's understanding by encouraging them to think!

Here's how it goes. Read more »

teaching place value-gameWe are looking at Place Value again... and all the teachers who have used this have found it to be a real hit with their children!

It is basically a grid of numbers.

The children take it in turns to roll a dice and choose a card. Together, the dice and the card indicate a number value - if the children find this value on their sheet they colour it in (or cover it with a counter - if you are recycling the game boards)

For example: Read more »

Teaching early money skillsHere's a simple money game that will help young children to develop their early coin recognition and money calcualtion skills.

The basic idea is that the chidlren play in pairs, taking it in turns to roll a dice and to collect a number of coins that matches the dice roll. The children are collecting coins to 'feed the Money Monster' and they have to be careful when selecting the coins so that they make the correct total. Read more »

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