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mathsticks - making maths stickmathsticks is currently used by over 5,600 teachers and many maths specialists and Local Authorities are recommending the site on a daily basis to students and teachers alike.

The site is also accessed across the world and the resources are now used in more than 25 countries. All of this growth is fantastic news, and it is clear that the maths resources and games here are well received. However, all of this increased use has a small negative side too. The growing number of members and visitors means that the servers and computer systems that deliver and monitor the site are working at full capacity. We would like to increase resources here and improve the speed and functionality of the site. Unfortunately, these developments are not free.

We do use Google Adwords* and Amazon Affiliate** links to help raise funds to keep the site online. However, the amounts these generate are small, and so we have decided to offer a number of resources for sale as (copyright) 'paid-for downloads' to help finance additional server and hosting developments.

Please be assured, though; the vast majority of this site's material will remain free to download and use, and will remain licensed under a Creative Commons Licence so you can use them, adapt them and share them as widely as you wish.


Currently, our only paid-for content is our mathsticks Christmas Activities eBook - a compendium of games and resources for the festive season (2010). 40+ resources, 56 pages, £4).


*Google Adwords delivers the text Adlinks and banners that appear on bottom of some pages here. Google aims to match the type of Ad's displayed to the content on each page. If you follow an Ad link that interests you a small amount (approximately 0.25p) is 'donated' to mathsticks at no cost to you.

**Amazon Affiliate links (usually) appear as advertisements for books on the left of the main mathsticks page in the advert panel. We may also link to Amazon products in other sections of the site;following a link to Amazon enables mathsticks to generate a small percentage on any sales Amazon make (again, at not cost to you). The advert panel is hosted by Amazon and they control the content. The items we personally recommend on the site are linked to Amazon, but be assured that we recommend them because they have been proven to be useful, not because they may generate a small amount of income.