Olympic Themed Activities

Olympic teaching ideas for English, PE, Science and mathematics


Mathsticks at the Olympics - here's our Olympic Themed eBook collection


These feature material for PE, English, Science and (of course) Mathematics!

We have:
  • a selection of ideas for English, including some innovative and fun phonics activities.
  • a number of 'starter' ideas and suggestions for Science investigations based on forces.
    olympic games lesson ideas
  • several PE/Games suggestions, together with a collection of six brand new games for Key Stage 1

Our maths suggestions stretches the boundaries of an eBook and you will find that we have included not one, but three separate eBooks in one here!

The first eBook contains:

-  A set of lesson ideas and activity ideas;

-   A set of thee "team problem solving" activities, and

-   A series of six problem cards.











maths treasure hunt - olympic games maths

The second eBook, "Olympic Treasure Hunts" contains three separate treasure hunt activities. One involving multiplication tables and the other two focusing on (BODMAS) order of operations.

The activity involves solving a mathematical problem on one 'tent card', and then locating the answer on another. This answer leads to another question... which leads on to another problem.

Where's the Olympic theme?

It's in the self check system. To ensure children follow the cycle of question-answer-question correctly there is a series of words on each question card. If these words are collected in the correct order they form an Olympic themed quotation.

The eBooklet contains three 18-stage treasure hunts together with further information about the Olympic quotes.











The third eBook is "The Young Apprentice Olympic Travel Challenge". A complete 8-page maths project.

Based loosely on the Young Apprentice TV programme, this sets a specific challenge to a group of children: they must plan out a trip to London to see an Olympic event. They must then 'sell' their idea to the rest of the class... you can have great fun with this self-contained activity, and if they work hard enough, someone will get hired!

This eBook is an 8-page set of linked activities, filled with 'real life' maths problems and challenges. The pages can be used individually as separate 'lessons' or the whole booklet can be printed to create a team activity.

maths lesson - Olympic challenge


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Four Olympic Maths Activities

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