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We currently have the following additional files available for instant download:



Other Resources:

Rocket Digits Cards from 0 to 100

A collection of colourful, carefully graded Sudoku grids

An extended bank of Blank Game Boards

Software Resources "in the Pipeline..."

TCB-Mathematics: an 'automatic' number selector for the Total Control Bingo Game.

Remo: A visual way of 'randomly' selecting children to answer questions or take part in an activity.

Buttonalio 2: A new, improved version of our downloadable counting resource.

Lost: A children's problem-solving adventure game for your IWB or Android phone!

I am regularly adding new resources.

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I am currently creating:

Findor's Quest (eBooks) - 16th Dec - ~ available here!

A New Mathsticks+ Dashboard ~ now online

The Times Table Source Book (eBook) - January

Any Day for any Date (software) - January

Total Control Bingo (Software) - February

Mathsticks for Home (a source of resources for parents) - February

Mathsticks Homework (a new resource section for teachers) - March

LOST! (a problem solving app) - March

New National Curriculum Maths Links Y2 and Y6 (online) - March

Deconstructing Time (eBook) - March

The Roman Numbers Source Book (eBook) - April

I also have a couple of things in mind for the iPad and Kindle... so watch for news. Register for my Newsletters to keep informed.


If you have any thoughts about other resources I could offer, please contact me.

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Question: How do we know we are the most loved maths resource site in the World?

Answer: Read on...


As  a part time KS1 Teacher mainly involved in maths intervention with Y2 children I was struggling to find new and inspirational ideas to engage children who have 'switched off' numerically. I have had a browse through some of the resources on offer  on the website and  have found some brilliant ideas to support my planning for the future. Thank you.



Have just found this site after looking for some inspiration on number bonds for my son who is in year one. Well done for providing brilliant resources for parents to help their children at home - If teachers are using the site then us parents must be on to a winner! Think i'm going to need more ink for the printer! 



I can't wait to try this [mental mondays #10] with my year 4/5 class. We have specific time in our timetable for times tables practice and this will really engage some of the more able children who are already pretty competent. This will also get them into problem solving mode which is just what some of my children need. Brilliant!



Absolutely love this resource! I've a few children who struggle with money activities and I'm always looking for more ways for them to practise their skills! [Coin Counting Mats].



I am becoming addicted to this maths site and so far I have only looked at the mental and oral!! I am going to be looking for a combination lock before Monday!! These are the best starters I have come across in a long long time!!



Looking forward to using this activity [Total Control Bingo] during mental maths sessions.  Great idea to have control over who wins - I will be able to give struggling pupils a boost to their confidence!! Thank you!! 



I am truly overwhelmed by the resources that this maths site offers! Some simple ideas, but so effective and strong! I cannot wait to use them in school! Can't believe I've only just found it! Thank you! [Make 50]



A really terrific maths resource site with a seemingly endless supply of wonderful ideas - highly recommended. Thank you.



What an amazing website. I came across with the site during the second half of my NQT year but I wish I had known this website earlier. I could have recommended to my friends at my course. It is never too late. Thank you!  



Wow these are brill [100 Square Jigsaws], just right for the children who find numbers to 100 tricky as well as the spacial awareness. Can be used in lots of ways - thanks!



Thanks for these! [Flip-Flop] They look to be exactly what I need after my class struggled today with number bonds! Hopefully they will engage the children tomorrow and save my sanity!



This is a great idea [Mental Mondays #15], I have been using counting a lot in my mental and oral starters but have struggled how to differentiate - wiil use this idea - higher achievers will organise themselves and I can sit in with the lower achievers. Many thanks for this.



Hi  I'm also a newbie and discovered this maths site by accident! Thank goodness for google! As an NQT I'm always on the lookout for fab new maths resources and the ones I've found so far have all been of such a high quality, I can't believe they are free to download! Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to seeing some new resources which will engage my pupils and also earn me some brownie points with my mentor!



Another great maths teaching resource [Problem Talk], agree with the comments above re reluctant mathematicians, activities like this encourage all children to participate and increases confidence when there is no time pressure to have an immediate answer - and even more so when the emphasis is on the calculation strategies rather than the answer itself. Love teaching maths when using brilliant resources like this. Thank you.

Blue Monkey


Thank you for a great resource. I am currently working with a small intervention group on bonds for 5 and they adore playing this game. Everyone feels that they can win.



These are great [10 Blank Maths Game Boards], I am trying to find resources for the year 2's independent learning which enables them to be creative about their learning. The boards will enable them to adapt and make up their own maths games. 



Thanks for this [Eggs in the Nest], it looks great and will be an excellent maths game/resource to use with my Reception class as we are currently doing addition and subtraction. It is also particularly useful for encouraging turn taking and playing a game fairly as many of the children in my class are finding this difficult at the moment. :-)



I'm so excited I stumbled on this site this morning - The resources will help me differentiate my math lessons and present material we are covering in different ways.  Can't wait to use this chart [Gattegno Chart] with some of my kids struggling to grasp the patterns in the place value system!



Fantastic (sorry about this but...) as usual you have come up trumps! [Top Trumps, multiplication and addition game] Presentation perfection and always on target! thank you 



As a part time KS1 Teacher mainly involved in maths intervention with Y2 children I was struggling to find new and inspirational ideas to engage children who have 'switched off' numerically. I have had a browse through some of the resources on offer on the website and have found some brilliant ideas to support my planning for the future. Thank you.



Just been given a lower year three maths set...was feeling a little nervous about finding resources to match ability...not any more! Great ideas, and fun as well. Really looking forward to using the site regularly!



What a super way of getting children to use vocabulary [Shape Taboo]. I know my class will love this game. Many thanks.



Was about to make my own maths digit cards and thought I would google some and this is what I found, so glad!



I particularly like the idea of trying to guess which 3 brooms were used, gets the children thinking. You could also get them to talk through their thinking and reasoning. Lots of possibilities from a seemingly simple resource [Broomstick Measurement]. Thank you.



A fantastic maths resource [100 Square Jigsaws] to use during my place value - problem solving lesson. Thank you!