2011 - Christmas Activities eBook

The resources and activities are suited to 7-10 year olds, but many can easily be adapted to suit all ages.

Christmas maths

The downloadable eBook contains:



Board games offer wonderful opportunities for children to be involved in meaningful mathematical discussion - we cannot let this pass, so have a bumper collection of games here:.

Cross the Snow a strategy chase game for two players, Key Stage 1 or 2 - can you get Santa across the hexagonal blocks of snow before the Snowman?

50 Stars Game an addition and subtraction game for Key Stage 1 children. A simple print-out and colour in activity - but with more depth than usual... and a Nativity theme!

Race To The Top a colourful two-player game focusing on factors and products.Ideal for Key Stage 2 children getting to grips with times tables.

Santa's Parcels is another Key Stage 2 game, this one focusing on fractions.

Christmas math games

Spiral 100 another two-player game for Key Stage 2 - this one involves moving around a spiral board and answering questions... the included questions focus on number facts (knowledge of square numbers, primes and factors, for example); however, this game could easily be adapted to a different focus by preparing additional question cards.

Santa's Bridge - a coin puzzle, turned into a two-player Christmas-themed game.

Ice Path a colourful game board that offers Key Stage 1 children plenty of practice with simple subtraction and addition calculations as part of a fun, festive theme.
We also include a 'take-home' After Dinner Games sheet to encourage children and parents to play simple mathematical games with ordinary playing cards.




The following activities all offer excellent opportunities for children to use and apply their mathematical skills, to be involved in 'reasoning' and to develop their thinking skills.

Christmas Tree Puzzles - addition and subtraction meets logic and Fir trees!

Tri Tangram our Easter tangram was such a success we knew we would need a tangram for Christmas. We chose this very simple three-piece one - its ideal for Key Stage 1 children, not because the shapes are tricky to find, but because the activities are based on identifying shapes and their properties rather than on creating different creative items.

FlapJack a Christmas baking activity... without the baking. The flapjack has already been made; we have a picture of it... the challenge is to calculate with the currants lying on the surface of the flapjack... There are (at least) four different ways of making 9, can you find them?

Place Value Labels - you may have seen these already (here), we have three more in the eBook: 3-digits, 4-digits and a decimal version.

Mini Sudoku Booklet - the ever-popular puzzle gets yet another mathstick face-lift. There is plenty of logical thinking, reasoning and decision-making necessary to solve these puzzles. We've put eight 6 by 6 Sudoku puzzles together into a unique mini-book that can be sent home or used in class.

Christmas Subtraction Windows - here, the children are challenged to complete a set of 3x3 windows by following a simple subtraction rule. The first few of these are straightforward; however, the latter ones offer more of a challenge... The pack includes two sheets with a range of numbers, and a third, blank, sheet so you (or the children) can extend the work further.

Reindeer Weights - How heavy was Cupid? A conversion of units worksheet based on kg and grams... that's the starting point, we then take this further and convert between kg and a few mythical Elven units!

Christmas Cracker X-numbers - This was very popular last year, so we have added a slightly larger version in this eBook - we also include a 'blank' template so you (or the children) can generate new ones based on any specific maths concept.



Finally there are three resources based on the calendar.

Cover a Date - a calculation activity using a calendar and three dice.

Calendar Problem - a problem solving investigation based on calendar dates

Important Events - a simple worksheet to enable children to order personal events and/or festivals, celebrations and school events.


Many of the resources and activities feature colour, but will work equally well as black and white photocopies.

The material is ideal for in-class use, but can also be used as homework activities to support general class teaching.

As you would expect, the eBooklet is a high quality 42 page, A4 pdf file. As well as all of the activities and templates listed above, the eBook also describes the activities and offers (in typical mathsticks style) additional ideas and guidance.


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ThomasJPitts's picture

 Will there be a 2012

 Will there be a 2012 Christmas booklet!?
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johdu's picture

Great question! Yes, there

Great question!

Yes, there will. We are working on it right now.... estimated date of publication is 16th November.

Keep watching this space.


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jkl2007's picture

Christmas activity book 2011

Beautiful work - I love the flapjack currant activity which will help my count and cook class! I use the resources with adult learners - they are well received.
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johdu's picture

That's fantastic. Thank you

That's fantastic. Thank you so much for your kind comments. It's really good to hear how successful these resources have been. I'm glad the 'flapjack' counting idea worked well - it was one of my favourites and one I'm sure we will return to in the near future.

Thanks again.


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Christmas maths activities

This is a fantastic resource, just what I needed as both the children and I were getting bored of the usual Christmas co-ordinates!
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This is brilliant the

This is brilliant the children will love playing the games but will most definitely not just be time filling!!
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kstar85's picture

Fantastic resource! Have

Fantastic resource! Have already used a couple of activities with my class and they loved them! The 2010 books is fab also and would highly recommend them both!
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christmas activities ebook

Thank you for this brilliant resource, I'm a final year student so am trying to build resources to use with my first 'real' class next year and this will be a definate help
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Christmas activity book 2011

Just downloaded - looks perfect for my end of term Numeracy to do while I have some time to work with groups going over recent end of term test.
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