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Digit Frames

A number of you have asked for a refinement to our ever-popular random number generator, the 2 Digit Window Frame resource. Some wanted smaller digits (the physical size of the font), while others wanted more options to work with larger numbers (more than 2 digits). Firstly, thank you for the suggestions; and here’s our new Window […]


9 Median, Mean, Mode and Range Posters

Did you know that 9 out of 10 teachers find statistics vocabulary is occasionally awkward to teach? It’s one of those things that children either magically ‘just understand‘, or one that seems to present an impassable barrier. Its probably as a direct result of this that there is a collection of different mnemonic aid created to help […]


A Set of 30 2-Step Problems for Y2-Y3

Here’s a maths activity focused on helping children to work out what to do when faced with a two-stage problem. Working with thinking partners, each child has a problem slip and they take it in turns to read it out and discuss how it could be attacked; discussing what maths functions they need to apply […]


Calculator Activity #2

This is a follow-up to our popular Calculator Activity-1. While that original resource focused exclusively on Addition, this one helps children develop their understanding (and accuracy) when reading written numbers and calculating with both addition and subtraction. Here is the maths activity: The pdf file consists of 3 pages of 8 cards, print out the […]


Calculator Activity #1

This calculator activity is an extension of one which was published as part of the National Numeracy Strategy in 1999. It has a dual focus; the first one (as you might expect) is to involve the children in accurately using a calculator to add a series of numbers; the second is to engage the children […]


Origami Jeep

Origami is a fantastic way to give children plenty of opportunities to work with shapes. While folding they are not only listening to instructions and manipulating the paper shapes but you can also add a few assessment questions in as you proceed – and encourage the children to ask you (and each other) questions about […]


Shape Taboo

This is a superb mathematics activity based on the game of ‘Taboo’. The focus here is on shape vocabulary. The download contains 27 cards featuring shape related words. The game is for two players, a ‘reader’ and a ‘guesser’ The object of the game is for the ‘reader’ to help his/her partner (the ‘guesser’) to identify […]