calculation vocabulary teaching activity - maths resourceHere's a wonderful adaptation of the mathsticks Shape Taboo game. Mary K., one of our mathsticks members created this for her Year 2 class. So, as she says, the calculation words were designed with "KS1 in mind as they form part of a scheme of work about vocabulary I have just done. Read more »

100 square with written numbers rather than numeralsHere's a couple of alternative 100-squares; this time featuring written numbers rather than numerals. Yes, these 100 squares go from one to one-hundred instead of 1 to 100. Perfect to support children getting to grips with number names. Read more »

Pointless maths quiz gamePointless, the BBC TV quiz show, has proved to be very popular with a whole host of people.

A few weeks ago we spotted Mr Collins blog post about how he used the Pointless theme in his maths teaching. We liked the idea and could see so much potential we decided to create our own software version. Read more »

Calculator activity - addition and subtraction resource

This is a follow-up to our popular Calculator Activity-1.

While that original resource focused exclusively on Addition, this one helps children develop their understanding (and accuracy) when reading written numbers and calculating with both addition and subtraction.

  Read more »

Total Control Bingo - maths bingo gameThis maths game is designed to assist children in developing confidence with number calculations. It consists of a set of 15 bingo cards for the children, and question sheets for the adult. The children work in pairs to mark off, or cover up, numbers on their cards which answer specific maths problems called out.  Read more »

Shape - a maths gameThis is a superb mathematics activity based on the game of 'Taboo'. The focus here is on shape vocabulary.

The download contains 27 cards featuring shape related words. The game is for two players, a 'reader' and a 'guesser' The object of the game is for the 'reader' to help his/her partner (the 'guesser') to identify the correct vocabulary word on the card. The 'reader' must describe the word as clearly as possible without using any of the 'Taboo words. Read more »

2D Maths Shape GameA game for two players designed to focus on reinforcing the names and properties of 2D shape while also offering children an opportunity to practice counting.

The activity uses:

  • The downloadable* Shape Cover Up board;
  • A set of coloured counters for each player;
  • A dice.

Calculator activity for childrenThis calculator activity is an extension of one which was published as part of the National Numeracy Strategy in 1999. It has a dual focus; the first one (as you might expect) is to involve the children in accurately using a calculator. The second is to engage the children in reading numerical vocabulary. Read more »

teaching resource for square numbersThis maths poster lists the first 25 square numbers.

Like the Prime Numbers poster I added to this site last month, this is a vertical (skyscraper) format, measuring 21cm by 60cm. Read more »

Pi to 1000 placesIf you are working with Pi, this is simple 'poster' resource is an ideal way to get children thinking and talking about this special number.

The 15 page download* contains two different posters: Read more »

Prime Numbers - teachers posterThis maths poster lists the 25 prime numbers below 100, together with a short definition and a number of thought prompts.

It measures 21cm wide by 60cm in height, and can be used simply for information, or as a direct teaching aid. Its 'skyscraper' format makes it an ideal addition to any classroom. Read more »

Top Trumps meets mathematics in this unique gameThis fun game uses 'Top Trumps' style cards to enable children to practice addition and multiplication strategies while reinforcing correct mathematical vocabulary.

There are 36 cards; each featuring an image of a mathstick figure and two mathematical statements.

The first statment on each card is an addition and the other a multiplication. Read more »

multiplication baord gameThis is a great little mathematics game for two players. The focus is on reinforcing the concepts of 'factors and products'; perfect for later Key Stage 1 or early Key Stage 2.

The downloadable board* features a track around which the children move counters in response to the fall of a dice. Read more »

teaching ideas for more than less thanA pair of cards that helps children develop their understanding of the mathematical symbols  > (more than), and < (less than).

The 'crocodile's mouth' version for these symbols has been around for a while, but I have always found linking the symbols to arm positions to be more meaningful for young children. Read more »

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