Roman Numerals

250 Roman NumeralsFor our mathsticks+ members...

Roman madness reigned and we created a whole batch of Roman Numeral images to complement the Roman Number Line

We could have gone from 1 to 100, but then decided to go a little further. This is a full set of jpg images for our Mathsticks+ members. Read more »

Roman Number LineThis is a perfect solution for those looking to add some Roman character to their room.

A straightforward set of Roman Numerals that can be used as a number line.

The 13 page pdf can be cut into 25 A5 Roman Numeral 'posters' to display in your room, either as a complete line, or spread randomly. Read more »

teaching roman numerals - bingo gameSome people have asked for a simpler version of our Roman Number Bingo game. So, here are a further 20 bingo boards - this time featuring 10 different Roman Numerals chosen from a 'pool' of only 18 numbers. This simplifies the game somewhat since children need to recognize (read) fewer numerals to play the game. Read more »

I'm not sure whether the Roman's played Bingo - but this teaching resource is aimed at giving children plenty of opportunities to read and use Roman Numerals as part of a game. The resource consists of 20 different Bingo boards featuring 11 numbers in Roman numerals and 36 different 'calling' cards.

Print out the game boards and separate into 20 individual A5 boards. Print the 36 'calling' cards, and separate into individual cards. Read more »

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