Number Recognition

Counting eggs - maths resource number lineThis is another Counting Display like Flower Counting, Car Counting and Spider Counting, this number-line resources has been designed to help&nbs Read more »

teaching-place value

This is a very simple collection of 'cards' you can use to support place value.

Throughout the Summer we asked for suggestions of maths teaching resources you would like to see added to This was one of them - a way to link Tens and Units with other, different representations of numbers.



The 9 page pdf download features 72 cards showing four different ways to represent numbers: Read more »

place value gameHere's another very useful Place Value game. This one focused primarily on reading numbers and recognizing 'place value'. The game follows the familiar "I have... Who has?" format.

The children are given a selection of cards, each with a "I have..." statement, a number and then a "Who has...?" question. Read more »

maths number line - car themeQ. How many cars does it take to make a Number Line?

A. Half as many as you think it would...

That's because we've just built a number-line using 'cars' as the theme - and using the shape of the cars themselves to accentuate the odd and even numbers. Read more »

maths counting resource - transportHere's a number line, counting, sorting, matching maths resource with a strong transport-vehicles-trucks theme.

The 4 page pdf download includes a series of truck images (10 trucks per A4 page). The image quality is high enough so that the pages could be enlarged if necessary. The trucks feature the following: Read more »

Doubles and near doubles maths gameA simple, versatile maths resource that has proven to be both popular and useful.

Here are 32 cards featuring the numbers 3 to 10 together with images depicting doubles or near doubles. These can be used as flash cards, labels or 'stations' on a washing line. However, they were originally designed to be used in Snap games.  Read more »

Counting Cars - maths resource number lineThis is another Counting Display similiar to Flower Counting and Spider Counting, this simple number resources has been designed so that young children can develop their understanding of counting and number recognition. Read more »

counting resource for schoolsThis all started a year ago with our Spider Counting resource. We had a couple of requests for something more pleasant so we added Flower Counting. Now, we've been asked to do something on a more specific Halloween theme. Hence, we went for pumpkin Counting. Read more »

number bonds


Number Bonds Game Boards

Here we have further developed out Bonds to 10 Rocket Game to offer a full set of seven Bond game board-games. Read more »

Flower counting linesThis resource is in response to a member's request. They liked our Spider Counting resource but wanted something a little more 'girl friendly'. We thought of flowers - sorry, you see we can be predictable when we try! Read more »

spider number line - not just for halloweenSpiders aren't just for Hallowe'en.

This clean, simple number resources is designed to enable young children to develop their understanding of counting and number recognition.

The lines of spider images show quantities from zero to ten, matched to numerical labels. Read more »

Maths Game - Number CardsThis is a two page download featuring a mini-poster and a set of 10 number cards.

The mini-poster features 10 numbered balloons and could be used as part of a display or as a table-top mat for specific children. This makes an ideal "show me..." type maths activity. Children could also place a matching number of counters or beads at the end of each balloon's string.  Read more »

Rocket digit cards for schoolAfter we had put together the Rocket Bond game we decided to reuse the main graphic to make these simple digit cards.

There are 26 A6 cards here showing the numbers 0 to 25. Four cards to an A4 page.

Print and cut out, laminate and use in whatever sorting, ordering, counting, activities you desire. Read more »

Number ordering and recognitionThis is an extension of our earlier 'Number Track' activity designed to help children practice recognising and ordering higher numbers.

Again, the children need a copy of the attached* Number Track board and the 20 to 49 digit cards (also on the downloadable file). Read more »

children's counting activity - counting to 20This is a straightforward 'Number Track' activity designed to help children practice recognising and ordering the numbers from 1 to 20.

Give the children a copy of the downloadable* Number Track board and a set of 1 to 20 digit cards (also on the downloadable file). Read more »

Couting Posters for young childrenThis a set of Counting Posters for the numbers 1 to 10 for classroom display. Unlike most similar counting resources however, these are designed to clearly demonstrate the changing magnitude of the numbers. Read more »

Domino number game - countingThis maths game gives young children the opportunity to practice and refine their addition skills, using totals up to 12. 

The game will suit two to four children and works particularly well with mixed ability groupings. The children playing the game have a standard set of dominoes. Read more »

Digit Cards and Number Recognition acitivityA quick number recognition activity suitable for Early Years.

You need a set of mathsticks 0-9 cards. Cut out and laminate the cards as normal, but now slice each card in half with a single straight cut. Read more »

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