Number Bonds

Bingo Bonds Maths GameHere's a fun reverse bingo game... I call it 'reverse' because the Bingo Boards the children use all feature written subtraction problems, such as ‘50 – 32’ or ‘50 – 19’. Read more »

This resource consists of 100 cards grouped into pairs of numbers which sum to 100.

Print and cut out some or all of the cards - you may, for example, only choose to use specific pairs of numbers:

10-90, 20-80, 30-70... or
9-91, 19-81, 29-71... or
1-99, 11-89, 21-79... for example
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teaching number bonds - maths gameHere is another set of cards designed to offer children lots of practice with number bonds to 10. The downloadable pack includes a set of 24 0-10 digit cards for use in 'Find the Pairs' games.

The file also includes a complete set of 'dotty-number' cards and instructions too.


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number bonds


Number Bonds Game Boards

Here we have further developed out Bonds to 10 Rocket Game to offer a full set of seven Bond game board-games. Read more »

Bonds to 5 maths teaching gameWe've been thinking about Number bonds again. This teaching game is designed for the Early Years and focuses on giving children plenty of practice working with number bonds to 5.  Read more »

fun number bonds card gameHere's another versatile little number bond Maths game. You don't need many teaching resources, a handful of counters and a pack of number cards.

The game is related to the children's card game 'Donkey' (aka Old Maid). In that game the children have a set of cards each of which has a matching pair except for one (the Donkey card). Read more »

Number bond resources - cuisenaire circlesMaths teaching can be a little predictable at times. The idea here is to offer a different way of visualising addition problems and number bond sequences to 10. Read more »

mental and oral mathsThis time we offer a Mental and Oral maths activity which focusses on using a specific strategy to give addition a speed boost.

This teaching activity enables children to gain confidence in reordering the numbers of an addition problem to make that problem easier. The focus is on looking for pairs which create a specific total.

You show an addition problem like this one:

30 + 10 + 70 + 40 + 90 Read more »

mental and oral mathsThis Mental and Oral activity revolves around number bonds (or complements) to 100.

Children work in pairs, using a mini-whiteboard. Ask them to draw a three by three grid and to quickly fill the grid with different multiples of 5. When they have completed this the teacher starts to call out random multiples of 5, children can circle a number on their grid if it is the other half of the pair totalling exactly 100 (the complement to 100). Read more »

Number bonds to 50 - maths activityA number of members asked for more 'Make It' resources, especially for higher numbers.

We created these for addition to 50, tested them out and found that they were a hit. Take a look at them and see what you, and your children think. Read more »

Take-away subtraction maths gameThis is a fun, two-player game focusing on subtraction.

The unique maths game uses counters and a dice and is ideal for practicing number-bonds to 10. 

The Take Away board consists of 16 numbered squares in a grid. The game-play is quite simple so the focus remains on the maths. Read more »

Number bonds to 15This is an obvious development of our Make 10 and Make 20 activities.

The downloadable pdf file contains three 10 by 10 grids of numbers. The children have the challenge of finding a line of three numbers that total 15. Each board features 14 or 16 such lines of numbers.

If the sheets are laminated the children can be encouraged to work together with white-board pens to find as many as they can. Read more »

Teachers maths flash cards - number bonds to 20This is a simple flash card, flip-over maths resource. A double-sided card showing a mathsticks character and a number. The original Flash Card Number Bonds (to 10), have been so popular we decided to create this set to compliment those
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number bonds to 10 - game-boardNumber bonds are so vital to the development of further mathematical skills that you cannot have too many opportunities to practice and refine them.

Here's a simple, yet tightly focused maths game that enables children to practice working with number bonds to 10.

The board (and associated digit cards) has a 'space' theme to mark 50 years of manned space exploration. Read more »

teaching number bonds to 10This maths resource is directly related to the Make 20 number grids.

The pdf download here features a series of 8 by 8 girds of numbers. The numbers have been chosen to offer the children plenty of opportunities to practice number bonds of 10. If the sheets are laminated, the children can work together to find pairs of numbers which total 10. Each board contains 14 or more such pairs. No numbers are used twice, and the pairs only run horizontally and vertically. Read more »

number bonds to 20This is a 'Word Search' inspired activity.

Each card features a 10 by 10 grid of numbers. The children have the challenge of finding a line of four numbers that total 20. Each board features 12 or 14 such strings of numbers.

If the cards are laminated the children can be encouraged to work together with white-board pens to find as many as they can. Read more »

This maths resource is an adaptation of our Flip Flop number bonds and can be used in exactly the same way (see the original description for details). However, the images on this resource have been chosen to permit it to be used to demonstrate fractions of a set. Read more »

Flash-card number bondsThis is a simple flip over maths resource. A double-sided card showing a mathsticks character and a number. The opposite side of the card shows the complimentary number to make 10.

These can be used as a demonstration and/or questioning resource; alternatively, the children can use them to challenge each other. Read more »

mathematical gameThis speedy, two-player addition game is designed to help reinforce number bonds to 10 or 20. You will need the downloadable* board and two sets of counters. Read more »

Counting challengesFollowing a couple of requests I have repackaged the original maths starter activity (the original Flip Flop design) in two ways:

- a larger, A3 format, so you can use the counting activities with larger groups of children.

- a set of mini Flip Flops, each counting grid is 8.5cm square. Read more »

Balance Boards and Number Bonds from mathsticksNumber Balances offer a visual way to help children explore simple calulations.

Children can place digit cards on the Balance Board, ensuring that the total on each side is the same. Using this simple yet versatile resource children can practise their number bonds and counting skills. Read more »

Numeracy starter - counting activityA Flip-Flop is an easy-to-make, versatile, visual resource for use in mental/oral work.

Download it, cut it up and assemble it using clear sticky-back plastic to give you a versatile counting resource. Perfect for practising counting skills, or developing confidence with number bonds to 10. Read more »

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