Coin Recognition

Teaching early money skillsHere's a simple money game that will help young children to develop their early coin recognition and money calcualtion skills.

The basic idea is that the chidlren play in pairs, taking it in turns to roll a dice and to collect a number of coins that matches the dice roll. The children are collecting coins to 'feed the Money Monster' and they have to be careful when selecting the coins so that they make the correct total. Read more »

money recognition - bingo gameHere's a further development of our earlier Coin Recognition, Coin Bingo game. Like that earlier resource, this can be used as a simple sorting and matching activity. However, it was designed to be used as a bingo game involving calculation. Read more »

Stamp Bingo-coin recognitionWe've had this idea in our heads for some time now but always wanted to do something a bit special with it.

Well, here it is a Coin Recognition bingo game, with a difference... what's the difference? A good dash of mathstick's quality!

 The resource consists of a series of Bingo Boards, each depicting nine stamps. The stamps show different monetary values, one of each coin. Read more »

Coin counting resourceWe've taken our very popular Digit Window Frame resources and given them a little twist... we've added money. So, here's a 'hunt and seek' activity for children getting to grips with coin recognition.

Cut out the window cards and challenge the children to place the frames on the coin mats so that specific amounts show through. Read more »

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