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Can Your Children Hit the Target?

This is great activity for practising creating number sentences. To play the game, the boards should be cut out and laminated. Children then write on them with a whiteboard pen. The players also need a set of 0-9 digit cards between them.   The idea of the game is to create a number sentence which totals […]


Scattered Number Bonds

How do you reinforce number bonds? Number bonds (complimentary addition facts) are the backbone of all good calculation skills, and here at mathsticks we’ve already offered teachers dozens of different ways to help their children learn, practice and master their bonds. However, we’re always on the hunt for new ways to make learning meaningful (and […]


Adding Roman Numbers

Here’s a Number Grid activity given a Roman twist. These Addition Grids are identical to the usual Addition grids in that the rows and column heading numbers combine to create a total in each cell. The only difference here is that the numbers are written in Roman Numerals. The download includes four (A5) grids. Each […]


How to Turn Decimal Addition into a Game

It’s easy for bingo-type games to overtake mathematics… so I tend to avoid them! However, there are exceptions. This one gives children plenty of practice adding decimals and doesn’t feel like it relies too much on chance. The children can use a host of mental math strategies while playing (it’s not just a ‘hunt and […]


20-20 Card Game

Imagine you are the teacher who has been working on giving your children many different opportunities to practice adding within 20. You’ve tried everything: counting fingers, sticks, coins, leaves; adding different coloured counters/smarties; rolling dice, picking 0-9 cards, adding random numbers; worksheets with missing answers, worksheets with missing numbers; interactive games and apps… … and some children […]


Calculator Activity #2

This is a follow-up to our popular Calculator Activity-1. While that original resource focused exclusively on Addition, this one helps children develop their understanding (and accuracy) when reading written numbers and calculating with both addition and subtraction. Here is the maths activity: The pdf file consists of 3 pages of 8 cards, print out the […]


Calculator Activity #1

This calculator activity is an extension of one which was published as part of the National Numeracy Strategy in 1999. It has a dual focus; the first one (as you might expect) is to involve the children in accurately using a calculator to add a series of numbers; the second is to engage the children […]


Bingo – Bonds to 50

Here’s a fun reverse bingo game… I call it ‘reverse‘ because the Bingo Boards the children use all feature written subtraction problems, such as ‘50 – 32’ or ‘50 – 19’. The Bingo Calling cards show the missing complement! I’ve found, over the years, that working this way round encourages the children to think more about the addition and […]


Decimal Diamonds

Here is a problem solving puzzle in the form of a Diamond-shaped grid of squares… each square houses a number and the four sides of the Diamond should sum to the same ‘magic’ total. The challenge is for the children to use their calculation and problem solving skills to complete the Diamonds by filling in […]


Paired Number Bonds

Fluency and accuracy with calculations give children great confidence with their number work. We can’t resist a good Number Bonds activity – and this one is ideal for developing children’s calculation skills. It consists of a box of three or five numbers. The children need to find pairs that add to specific numbers in order to […]

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