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mental maths starter activitiesThe Mathsticks Maths Starters App is now available...

This online app* has been designed to work smoothly and quickly on all smarphones and tablets. So now you have all the Primary Maths Starter ideas you could wish for - right in the palm of your hand.
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Cancer Research UKHelp us raise funds for Cancer Research UK.

We are transferring all sales of our Olympic Games eBook to the Cancer Research charity. We've started the ball rolling by adding £40 - and you can follow our progress on this page.

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calling all bloggersWe have great plans for a tremendous update after Easter.

...our blog,  mathsticks/extra is about to get a complete overhaul. We know it's only a few weeks old, but it's not quite what we wanted it to be!

To make it the best it can be we are looking for your help.

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mathsticks - invite a friendKeen to keep up our resolution of continuously adding new features... We've just implemented a new Invite a Friend link.

"Invite a Friend" is a direct email invitation system to enable you to let other teachers or parents know about mathstick's excellent maths resources.

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mathsticks fail whaleWow... 1357 visitors 'blew us out of the water'.

If you tried to access mathsticks earlier this evening you may have been disappointed, the site went down for about 30 minutes as a direct result of your keenness to be here. We are humbled to be so popular. Thank you. Read more »

updated mathsticks

We took mathsticks offline for a short time yesterday to get the builders in to help us update a number of features.

Firstly, we have included a set of new sharing buttons (Sexy Bookmarks). These will now appear at the bottom of every teaching resource/activity page. Read more »

Mathsticks news - new maths resourcesWelcome to the September Mathsticks newsletter. 

Summer isn't over, but teachers don't have much of a choice - we are all back and the autumn term train is running along the tracks ever faster...

Like lots of you, we have been quiet over the Summer, but Mathsticks is still here. So you can still rely on us. Read more »

What's your mathstick's Rank then?


Earn mathstick points to rmathsticks badgesise up through the ranks!


Everyone starts out as a Midshipman... but work with us a little while and see where it takes you! Read more »

beta testers wantedWe are about to launch some brand new software here on the mathsticks site and are currently looking for 'Beta testers'. What this means is someone who would like to trial the software on their own pc (Windows only I'm afraid) and give us some feedback on how the software operates such as: how clear are the instructions? is the design effective? does it do anything unexpected? We would also welcome suggestions for improvements/developments... Read more »

Special Christmas Thank YouHere's a special winter 'Thank You' to our top three members:

owl80, carriecat10 and valminnis.

Thank You for supporting this site to the extent that your referrals and comments have accrued you a combined total of 258 Mathstick points! Read more »

Welcome to the November 2010 Mathsticks newsletter.

The mathsticks mathematics resource site has continued to grow. There were only a small number of additions throughout the Summer - but we are back now... and blazing on full power! The site has received some fantastic accolades, and all of your comments are really appreciated. Thank you. Read more »

Welcome to the June 2010 Mathsticks newsletter.

The mathsticks mathematics resource site has continued to grow, and has recieved some fantastic feedback in recent weeks. Thank you.

If you haven't been back to the website for a while you may have missed a number of new features and new resources, such as:

For Early Years / Key Stage 1
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750 Mathstick members

We Celebrate the arrival of our 750th member (bluebelle1407).

Thank you to one and all.

Keep spreading the news.

Welcome to the first Mathsticks newsletter.

This is the place for the latest information about the new additions to the mathsticks maths resource site. If you haven't been back to the website for a while there are a number of new items, for example:

For Early Years / Key Stage 1
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