football themed maths numbersOk, I couldn't resist.

Here's a simple set of 100 number cards featuring a fun football theme. The cards are clear and the 0 to 99 numerals easy to see. The font is appropriate for young children, but also 'cool' enough to be accepted by older children too. The 'cards'  are versatile enough to be used in thousands of different activities and games. Read more »

Odd and even maths boardgame

Some children find identifying odd and even numbers very tricky, while others seem to have some innate ability to recognise them. Ways to make quantities more visual, like Numicon are excellent. But, these can only go so far. Read more »

Counting eggs - maths resource number lineThis is another Counting Display like Flower Counting, Car Counting and Spider Counting, this number-line resources has been designed to help&nbs Read more »

teaching maths shape namesHere's a straightforward Shape Matching Game for two players.

The board consists of a track around the perimeter with a 'shopping list' of shapes for each player. The idea is that children take it in turns to roll a dice and move a counter around the perimeter track. Each time they land on a shape they need to check their 'shopping list' to match the shape to its correct name. They may tag the shape name with a counter as they go. Read more »

teaching number bonds - maths gameHere is another set of cards designed to offer children lots of practice with number bonds to 10. The downloadable pack includes a set of 24 0-10 digit cards for use in 'Find the Pairs' games.

The file also includes a complete set of 'dotty-number' cards and instructions too.


  Read more »

Doubling and Halving gameThis is an entertaining maths game intended for Y1 children who are learning their 'doubles'. The focus should enable the children to develop their understanding of doubles from 1+1 to 10+10, as well as using the mathematical terms 'double' and 'half'.

You will need a copy of the game-board (attached as a downloadable file), a dice and a set of counters. Read more »

Free Maths Game BoardsOur previous blank maths Game Boards have proven so popular we decided to put together a larger collection in the form of an eBook.

Here, we are offering a free sample of 6* new boards - the complete eBook contains 26 high quality game boards - check out the full details here: Blank Game Boards Pack. Read more »

maths number line - car themeQ. How many cars does it take to make a Number Line?

A. Half as many as you think it would...

That's because we've just built a number-line using 'cars' as the theme - and using the shape of the cars themselves to accentuate the odd and even numbers. Read more »

maths counting resource - transportHere's a number line, counting, sorting, matching maths resource with a strong transport-vehicles-trucks theme.

The 4 page pdf download includes a series of truck images (10 trucks per A4 page). The image quality is high enough so that the pages could be enlarged if necessary. The trucks feature the following: Read more »

Counting Cars - maths resource number lineThis is another Counting Display similiar to Flower Counting and Spider Counting, this simple number resources has been designed so that young children can develop their understanding of counting and number recognition. Read more »

Broomstick measurement - halloween mathThis very simple, quick resource was suggested by one of our members.

The children are given several images of different sized broomsticks; they can sort these according to length, or measure them - using non-standard units or in cm or even mm. Read more »

counting resource for schoolsThis all started a year ago with our Spider Counting resource. We had a couple of requests for something more pleasant so we added Flower Counting. Now, we've been asked to do something on a more specific Halloween theme. Hence, we went for pumpkin Counting. Read more »

number bonds


Number Bonds Game Boards

Here we have further developed out Bonds to 10 Rocket Game to offer a full set of seven Bond game board-games. Read more »

Maths Champion RewardsWe thought it would be a timely addition to our mathsticks resources to offer a trio of carrots...  So if you have a child (or group of children) who deserve a little extra praise for their mathematical work you could give them something a little bit more meaningful than a sticker. Read more »

Doubling and Halving Flash CardsWe have taken one of our most popular bonds to 10 flash card set and reinvented them as a doubling and halving resource.

Here we have 12 double-sided flash cards featuring a friendly triceratops. On his back he is displaying a number, turn him around to show that he is chewing his way through double that number. Read more »

Bonds to 5 maths teaching gameWe've been thinking about Number bonds again. This teaching game is designed for the Early Years and focuses on giving children plenty of practice working with number bonds to 5.  Read more »

Flower counting linesThis resource is in response to a member's request. They liked our Spider Counting resource but wanted something a little more 'girl friendly'. We thought of flowers - sorry, you see we can be predictable when we try! Read more »

money recognition - bingo gameHere's a further development of our earlier Coin Recognition, Coin Bingo game. Like that earlier resource, this can be used as a simple sorting and matching activity. However, it was designed to be used as a bingo game involving calculation. Read more »

Easter maths gameHere's a quirky little game idea with an Easter/Egg theme.

The focus is on addition and subtraction of small numbers, and the activities are perfect for early Key Stage 1 children. Read more »

mental and oral mathsWith this week’s mental and oral starter idea we are thinking about counting on (and counting back) and place value.

Like most of our other suggestions this can very easily be adapted to suit the needs of your children, which means it could be used with Early Years right up to Key Stage 3. We have also found that it adds a renewed level of interest and enthusiasm to ‘counting on’. Read more »

fun number bonds card gameHere's another versatile little number bond Maths game. You don't need many teaching resources, a handful of counters and a pack of number cards.

The game is related to the children's card game 'Donkey' (aka Old Maid). In that game the children have a set of cards each of which has a matching pair except for one (the Donkey card). Read more »

Stamp Bingo-coin recognitionWe've had this idea in our heads for some time now but always wanted to do something a bit special with it.

Well, here it is a Coin Recognition bingo game, with a difference... what's the difference? A good dash of mathstick's quality!

 The resource consists of a series of Bingo Boards, each depicting nine stamps. The stamps show different monetary values, one of each coin. Read more »

Number bond resources - cuisenaire circlesMaths teaching can be a little predictable at times. The idea here is to offer a different way of visualising addition problems and number bond sequences to 10. Read more »

mental and oral mathsThis time we offer a Mental and Oral maths activity which focusses on using a specific strategy to give addition a speed boost.

This teaching activity enables children to gain confidence in reordering the numbers of an addition problem to make that problem easier. The focus is on looking for pairs which create a specific total.

You show an addition problem like this one:

30 + 10 + 70 + 40 + 90 Read more »

mental and oral mathsMental and Oral calculation work was introduced nationally in 1999 as part of the National Numeracy Strategy. At the time, there was a concern that children's mental calculation skills were weak. As a result the focus of each mathematical lesson was on strengthening children's oral and mental skills. Read more »

Cloak for the Dreamer - shape and geometryA Cloak for the Dreamer by Aileen Friedman (Author) and Kim Howard (Illustrator)

This is a wonderful family story of a tailor and his sons as they design and create three cloaks. The mathematical focus is on how geometric shapes fit together to create beautiful designs, however, the book also offers a wonderful message about following your own dreams. Read more »

spider number line - not just for halloweenSpiders aren't just for Hallowe'en.

This clean, simple number resources is designed to enable young children to develop their understanding of counting and number recognition.

The lines of spider images show quantities from zero to ten, matched to numerical labels. Read more »


probability - digit card gameThis is a simple digit card game to help children practice mentally addition and subtraction strategies.

The fun maths game uses only 10 digit cards (numbered from 1 to 10 and works with a group of 4 - 5 children.

One child (let's call him Daniel) mixes all of the cards and hands each of the other children in the group a card, face-down. Read more »

High quality maths game boards

Here we have eight more maths game boards you can adapt to be used with any maths concepts. Just like our original set (10 Blank Game Boards) there aren't any notes or instructions with these boards. However, they have been designed so that you  (or your class) can easily adapt them to use as you wish.  Read more »

Maths Game - Number CardsThis is a two page download featuring a mini-poster and a set of 10 number cards.

The mini-poster features 10 numbered balloons and could be used as part of a display or as a table-top mat for specific children. This makes an ideal "show me..." type maths activity. Children could also place a matching number of counters or beads at the end of each balloon's string.  Read more »

This simple maths game started out as a number line activity.

Basically, it gives children the opportunities to practice calculating differences between small numbers. It's ideal for Reception or Y1, but the basic concept can also be adjusted to suit older children.

Children work in pairs with one gameboard, a set of dominoes and one counter between them. Read more »

Rocket digit cards for schoolAfter we had put together the Rocket Bond game we decided to reuse the main graphic to make these simple digit cards.

There are 26 A6 cards here showing the numbers 0 to 25. Four cards to an A4 page.

Print and cut out, laminate and use in whatever sorting, ordering, counting, activities you desire. Read more »

This maths resource is an adaptation of our Flip Flop number bonds and can be used in exactly the same way (see the original description for details). However, the images on this resource have been chosen to permit it to be used to demonstrate fractions of a set. Read more »

Telling the time - teaching strategiesTelling the time on an analogue clock is an awkward skill; there are too many muddled concepts and no clear path. Children are inundated with vocabulary (half-past, quarter to, o'clock, 11:45...), with mixed concepts (counting in 12, counting in fives, fractions...) and too-few opportunities to practice the skill in real life! In our experience, most teachers and nearly all children find the whole process a pain. Read more »

Here's a set of five clock jigsaws designed to help children become more familiar with the numbers on a clockface. The clocks are all different and have been chosen to represent the diverse range of clock-faces children may see or use in the 'real world' - but with a focus on 'readability' too.

Each clock is divided into 12 segments so the children (individually, or in pairs) can reassemble them using the clock numbers to assist them. Read more »

Flash-card number bondsThis is a simple flip over maths resource. A double-sided card showing a mathsticks character and a number. The opposite side of the card shows the complimentary number to make 10.

These can be used as a demonstration and/or questioning resource; alternatively, the children can use them to challenge each other. Read more »

maths poster - ordinal numbersHere's a set of 20 posters to help children to identify the first ten ordinal numbers.

The download includes two sets of 10 (A5) posters: one showing number ordinals (1st, 2nd, 3rd...); and the other set displaying written ordinals (first, second, third...). Read more »

keep in touch - mathsticks toolbarIt's easy to lose touch with old friends.

However, losing touch completely is not such a good idea, if you are looking for a good maths resource or lesson idea you may well think of mathsticks.com. I hope so! Read more »

maths board games for childrenAfter several years teaching you quickly assemble hundreds of maths game ideas. Here are 10 boards suited to mathematical games.

There are no detailed notes or instructions with these boards, they are just what they are... Blank boards!

So, you (or your children) can use them as creatively as you wish. Read more »

children's counting activity - counting to 20This is a straightforward 'Number Track' activity designed to help children practice recognising and ordering the numbers from 1 to 20.

Give the children a copy of the downloadable* Number Track board and a set of 1 to 20 digit cards (also on the downloadable file). Read more »

2D Maths Shape GameA game for two players designed to focus on reinforcing the names and properties of 2D shape while also offering children an opportunity to practice counting.

The activity uses:

  • The downloadable* Shape Cover Up board;
  • A set of coloured counters for each player;
  • A dice.

odd and even gameThis is a mathematical racing game. It is designed to give  children plenty of (social) opportunites to reinforce their ability to recognise odd and even numbers.

  Read more »

place value game - primary maths teachersThis is an extension (literally) to the popular Place Value Ladder Boards.

The original boards only went to 6 spaces, and a number of you have asked for more!

Well, I have now stretched the place value ladder boards to 10 places, and offer three rather than two ladders. Read more »

Couting Posters for young childrenThis a set of Counting Posters for the numbers 1 to 10 for classroom display. Unlike most similar counting resources however, these are designed to clearly demonstrate the changing magnitude of the numbers. Read more »

Maths Addition GameA simple maths game to encourage children to practice (and to share) quick addition strategies. This is suitable for 3 or more players

You need four sets of 1-10 cards. (See our Digit Cards) Read more »

Domino number game - countingThis maths game gives young children the opportunity to practice and refine their addition skills, using totals up to 12. 

The game will suit two to four children and works particularly well with mixed ability groupings. The children playing the game have a standard set of dominoes. Read more »

Counting challengesFollowing a couple of requests I have repackaged the original maths starter activity (the original Flip Flop design) in two ways:

- a larger, A3 format, so you can use the counting activities with larger groups of children.

- a set of mini Flip Flops, each counting grid is 8.5cm square. Read more »

maths calculation activity - share circleThis is a twist on the traditional ‘Follow Me’ style cards… you know the ones: each child has a card with a number and a maths question; one child asks the question and everyone looks at their cards to see who has the appropriate answer, then the chain continues around the classroom. Read more »

Mathematical resources: 0-9 number cards using dotsChildren who are just getting to grips with counting can still play counting games using 'dotty' numbers instead of digits.

This mathematical resource is a set of 0-9 counting cards featuring faces to represent the number.This is similar to Simple Arrays, but that resource was related to multiplication rather than counting. Read more »

Digit Cards and Number Recognition acitivityA quick number recognition activity suitable for Early Years.

You need a set of mathsticks 0-9 cards. Cut out and laminate the cards as normal, but now slice each card in half with a single straight cut. Read more »

teaching ideas for more than less thanA pair of cards that helps children develop their understanding of the mathematical symbols  > (more than), and < (less than).

The 'crocodile's mouth' version for these symbols has been around for a while, but I have always found linking the symbols to arm positions to be more meaningful for young children. Read more »

Digit Cards 1-10This is a set of 40 cards (four of each number), suitable for Ladder Board activities. The download includes a blank set of cards for you to adapt to your own uses.

Print onto card or laminate.

Other Digit Cards are available here. Read more »

1-10 and 1-20 desktop numberlinesThe title says it all. Two 1-10, and one 1-20 number lines, each less than 30cm long; ideal for cutting out and laminating for use on a desk.

Each number line features alternating mathstick characters to reinforce the pattern of odd and even numbers. Read more »

Balance Boards and Number Bonds from mathsticksNumber Balances offer a visual way to help children explore simple calulations.

Children can place digit cards on the Balance Board, ensuring that the total on each side is the same. Using this simple yet versatile resource children can practise their number bonds and counting skills. Read more »

Ladders Cards for counting and place value activitiesTeachers can use Ladder Cards with their children as individual mathematical activities, or as a game format. In its simplest form children choose digit cards and place them on the ladder so that the numbers ascend in value for each rung.

mathsticks makes this versatile idea even more appealing by including our signature characters and digit cards designed to match the ladder-spaces. Read more »

Numeracy starter - counting activityA Flip-Flop is an easy-to-make, versatile, visual resource for use in mental/oral work.

Download it, cut it up and assemble it using clear sticky-back plastic to give you a versatile counting resource. Perfect for practising counting skills, or developing confidence with number bonds to 10. Read more »

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