problem solving labels and postersWe've been using these mathematical problem solving strategies for a while now, but it's only just recently that we decided to try them as a set of display posters.

We tried a number of varieties, and they all seemed to work well. Here's the first, focussing on the four phases of problem solving: Read more »

maths poster - ordinal numbersHere's a set of 20 posters to help children to identify the first ten ordinal numbers.

The download includes two sets of 10 (A5) posters: one showing number ordinals (1st, 2nd, 3rd...); and the other set displaying written ordinals (first, second, third...). Read more »

teaching resource for square numbersThis maths poster lists the first 25 square numbers.

Like the Prime Numbers poster I added to this site last month, this is a vertical (skyscraper) format, measuring 21cm by 60cm. Read more »

Pi to 1000 placesIf you are working with Pi, this is simple 'poster' resource is an ideal way to get children thinking and talking about this special number.

The 15 page download* contains two different posters: Read more »

Prime Numbers - teachers posterThis maths poster lists the 25 prime numbers below 100, together with a short definition and a number of thought prompts.

It measures 21cm wide by 60cm in height, and can be used simply for information, or as a direct teaching aid. Its 'skyscraper' format makes it an ideal addition to any classroom. Read more »

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