Digit Cards

football themed maths numbersOk, I couldn't resist.

Here's a simple set of 100 number cards featuring a fun football theme. The cards are clear and the 0 to 99 numerals easy to see. The font is appropriate for young children, but also 'cool' enough to be accepted by older children too. The 'cards'  are versatile enough to be used in thousands of different activities and games. Read more »

Here is a simple set of 0-9 digit cards on a two page (A4) download.

The cards feature a clear, child friendly font.

The first page has all digits in black, while the second page indicates odd/even numbers by using black and red ink.

Rocket digit cards for schoolAfter we had put together the Rocket Bond game we decided to reuse the main graphic to make these simple digit cards.

There are 26 A6 cards here showing the numbers 0 to 25. Four cards to an A4 page.

Print and cut out, laminate and use in whatever sorting, ordering, counting, activities you desire. Read more »

place value game - primary maths teachersThis is an extension (literally) to the popular Place Value Ladder Boards.

The original boards only went to 6 spaces, and a number of you have asked for more!

Well, I have now stretched the place value ladder boards to 10 places, and offer three rather than two ladders. Read more »

1-100 Digits showing even and odd numbersDigit Cards are perfect for any number of mathematical games and activities - they also provide ideal assessment opportunities. This set is very plain and simple, the font is appropriate for younger children, and the cards identify even and odd numbers by alternating colours black/red. Read more »

Tens and Units board, place value activityThis is a Place Value game for two children. It offers children an opportunity to use and apply their knowledge of the number system within a 'game' environment.

You need the Tens and Units playing board and a set of 0 to 9 number cards.

The aim of the game is to get as close to 100 as possible by creating three two-digit numbers. Read more »

Ladders Cards for counting and place value activitiesTeachers can use Ladder Cards with their children as individual mathematical activities, or as a game format. In its simplest form children choose digit cards and place them on the ladder so that the numbers ascend in value for each rung.

mathsticks makes this versatile idea even more appealing by including our signature characters and digit cards designed to match the ladder-spaces. Read more »

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