This is a Christmas themed maths resource based on rounding to the nearest 10 or 100. Read more »

Christmas party planning - maths calculation skillsIt's Party Time!

Here's a party planning booklet that was originally devised by a student teacher. The children suddenly find they are the host of a Christmas party. They have to plan a Christmas event by selecting food, table crackers, entertainment and a party location from a range of options. The party has to suit a particular number of people and fit within a specific budget. Read more »

Christmas mathsJust time for one more fun resource. Four cross-numbers with clues that enable children to practice their mathematical skills (calculation), knowledge (number properties) and their reasoning and organisational skills.

  Read more »

place value Here is the first of several new Christmas themed mathsticks resources for 2011.

Place Value Labels is problem solving activity focused on strengthening children's understanding of place value. [No, it's not just a set of 'labels']. Read more »

Christmas math resourcesThis resource only just missed our Christmas Activities eBook.

It is a MathDoku, or KenKen type puzzle. We've simplified the more traditional version so that it only includes addition. Read more »

Christmas X-Number - a mathematical crosswordThis one is straightforward to explain.

It's a cracker-shaped crossword with numbers. There are 27 clues, the majority of which (19) feature doubling or halving. The answers are either 2-digit, 3-digit, 4-digit or 5-digit numbers. Read more »

Christmas Maths Board GameHere's a Christmas themed game to support children's development of calculation.

Using the downloadable* board, a counter each and three dice, children take turns to create a calculation with the dice which will enable them to 'climb' the tree. Read more »

Christmas maths actvityHere is the first of several new Christmas themed mathsticks resources.

Christmas Costs is a worksheet resource  which offers children a problem solving starter. The focus is on calculating the 'imaginary' cost of a number of Christmas items. Read more »

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